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I was reluctant to use the new Apple Magic Mouse due to it's lack of default support for Apple's Expose. However, with BetterTouchTool the problem is solved, and Apple's poor range of customisation options are massively improved.

Coupled with Apple's Magic Mouse, I really see no need for touch screen technology on a desktop when you can do virtually everything through mouse gestures. I can currently activate Expose, swipe back and forth through web pages, close windows, show the dashboard and show the desktop through a whole array of simple gestures on my mouse - taps, clicks and more. You can apply actions for 3 and 4-finger gestures, although personally I'd say 4-finger gestures are a bit awkward on a mouse - I stick with 3.

Additional gestures called 'tip taps' can be applied - essentially you maintain a set number of fingers on the device whilst tapping a specific one of your other fingers - the range of gestures is truly awesome!

The software is still under development, but updates are rolled out very regularly. Furthermore, you can also use it to apply these gestures to the multi-touch trackpads of MacBook laptops.

It's not perfect, hence the 4 stars - sometimes gestures are triggered even though you clearly haven't performed them, and sometimes they are not recognised when you clearly have, but despite the occasional hiccups it makes using my mac a vastly more simple and elegant experience, and has got to be a must-need for any serious mac user.

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Published on Monday 22 March 2010View Profile