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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Our blog commenting system has now been replaced by the new Facebook open commenting system. This has benefits for both us and you. It means you dont have to log into the site to post a blog comment, instead it will use your facebook account to post from. This means your comments are tied in to your wider online social identity, and is our first step in moving towards a simpler and easier user management using Facebook's widely available web tools.

This also means we don't have to worry about user account and sign-up systems, spam and security, and are instead embracing a wider, more social and open web.

Unfortunately, this means that the previous comments are removed from the site, but we hope that the new system will soon make up for this.

We hope to eventually be able to migrate all of our site administration to Facebook's system.


On a side note, we are all very busy with our Architecture work at the moment and over the next few months, but hope to be able to give some more focus to the site again come the summer.

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