thumbnail Why Architecture Students Should be Using Twitter
Alex Bimpson - 17 March 2011
In the modern digital age where the internet and social networking is becoming ever more important it seems that more and more people are using the social web in their daily lives. However, it was recently pointed out to me that Architecture students, compared to...
thumbnail Facebook Commenting System  Site News
Detail Design Online - 16 March 2011
Our blog commenting system has now been replaced by the new Facebook open commenting system. This has benefits for both us and you. It means you dont have to log into the site to post a blog comment, instead it will use your facebook account to post from. This means...
thumbnail New Homepage Launched  Site News
Alex Bimpson - 6 October 2010
Today we launch our new homepage! The new layout makes it far easier to find what you're after, with a new QuickLinks bar to take you straight to the most popular areas of the site. ...
thumbnail A Machine That Can Print Buildings
Alex Bimpson - 25 April 2010
3D Printing is a technology that is only recently beginning to emerge into the public domain, yet already the visionaries are setting their sights on some very big targets. ...
thumbnail Olympics Blog | Aquatics Centre
Nick Howlett - 11 April 2010
Undoubtedly the building that everyone will remember from London's Olympic Park will be the Aquatics Centre, designed by Zaha Hadid, and located at the gateway to the park where most people will enter. This makes it perhaps the most important building to get right, and...
thumbnail WHY? Well, WHY Not? Superyacht Architecture
Alex Bimpson - 6 April 2010
I've always had a fascination with luxury motoryachts, but never have I seen anything that comes close to the architectural brilliance of this. ...
thumbnail Skies Added to Image & Texture Library  Site News
Alex Bimpson - 29 March 2010
Today we've added a 'skies' section to our Image & Texture Library. You can browse and download a range of different sky backdrops for your digital images. You can also upload your own images to our skies section as usual! Check out our sky images HERE
thumbnail Architecture 2020
Jo Hansford - 25 March 2010
What will the role of the architect be in 2020 and beyond? As students of architecture this concerns us the most. It’s not just about what kind of architecture do you want to design, but also what kind of place do you want to live in? If we want to succeed...